Seeking Minimal Python Project Name (was: [pypy-dev] Re: [ann]MinimalPython project)

Erik Max Francis max at
Tue Jan 14 02:17:49 CET 2003

Terry Hancock wrote:

> Agreed, but on the other extreme, if it's too common, it will get
> buried in
> unrelated fluff.

Indeed.  But Python itself already has that problem to some extent,
since Monty Python is outrageously popular and the language was named
after it.  (Fortunately, it's relatively easy to find
Python-the-language with searches like "python language" or "python
-monty" but the collision is already there and was there from the

> Haven't found another really good one, though. Hmm. The only Monty
> Python
> reference that comes to my mind is the Deja Vu sketch, ...

I think one major Monty Python reference (the name of the language
itself) is way more than enough for an entire community :-).

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