good name for a dict/list hybrid

Terry Hancock hancock at
Tue Jan 7 04:50:36 CET 2003

Andrew Dalke wrote:
> I can't figure out what to call this thing.  I chose "DictList"
> because it's a hybrid between a dictionary and a list, but that's
> a bad name since it can be confused with a dictionary of lists, or
> a list of dictionaries.
> This sort of data structure must be common.  Eg, headers in email
> act like this.  ( provides no hints for a name.)

Yeah, I've thought of implementing one before.

> What should I use?

"Table" comes to mind.  Might collide with some other meaning, but I can't 
think of one off hand.

> Code will be posted after I get a good name.  :)

Heh. A bribe, huh?


Anansi Spaceworks

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