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> You can see the same thing in physics; contrast the notation of classical 
> mechanics with the operator algebra formulation of QM.  Or even the 
> classical vs relativistic notations for relativistic EM.
> I think the driving force is that a clean design takes more typing in Perl, 
> whereas in Python it's usually much, much less.
> Andrew

I understand you are saying "Python has a better syntax than Perl" 
and I have no problem with that. Then you pass to Physics examples and
I am a little confused. Yes, the covariant notation for Maxwell
equations is
better than the nonrelativistic one, but in which sense the
formalism is better than classical mechanics formalism ? They are
different field of Physics, they cannot be compared ! Even so, I do
understand if you find more elegant the classical or the quantum
to me they are equally nice in their respective domain of validity.
Of course,if I you speak of relativistic quantum fields, the best
is the functional one.

I-hope-I-have-not-scared-non-physicist-readers-ly yours,

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