Free Hosting for Open Source projects

Gumuz gumuz at
Wed Jan 22 14:15:01 CET 2003

by the way:

this is *NOT* some crappy server running at home over ISDN or something like

it's a nice dedicated server with a 2 megabit connection where we have total
control over. if some service is not available (i doubt it) it's always
possible to add it.

it's not meant to be superior to or anything it's just something we
would like to do and are capable of doing.

"Gumuz" <gumuz at> wrote in message
news:3e2e9430$0$807$4d4ebb8e at
> Hi all,
> In order to give something back to the ever so helpfull Open source
> (python!) community I'd like to offer free (virtually unlimited) webspace
> 1 or 2 open source projects. As I am a fan of Python and the Python
> community I am asking you all first. It is our (friend & me) own server
> we can provide shell access, webspace, ftp, email, cvs, cgi , forums,
> mailinglists.... the whole shebang and then some.
> so, there's no catch or anything, it's just charity :)
> so, just email me and we will see.
> Guyon
> ps. _AT_ == @

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