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Thu Jan 30 22:13:00 CET 2003

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> Hi,
> working with Pythonwin I've noted that if you launch a script a first time
> and then you modify and relaunch it, the script that goes in execution is
> always the first one that you launch. To execute the modify script you have
> to exit and to enter   from pythonwin. This could be annoying, so my
> question is:
Remarked the same.

> 1) Is there some method or some script to avoid this? 
> I have found the manner to delete the module if it is imported with <import>
> but not if it is imported with <from xxx import yyy>.

Sometimes, if I remember well, it helped to delete the .pyc file.
So it seemed that Pythonwin would be regarding time difference
between .py and .pyc counted in minutes. And when you're
developping to fast <wink> there wouldn't be any.
But I'm not sure if that is the real reason.

> 2) Is it possible to run automatically a my python script when I launch the
> pythonwin?
> If this was possible I could, at the start, to save all module imported in
> pythonwin (<modules.key()>) and when I want to clear the namespace to delete
> the new module imported

Would be nice.

> 3) Is it possible also to clear the screen of interpr. by some commands?
> best regards

Go to top of interpreter by Cntrl-Pos1
 - Mark all by Cntrl-A
 - Del
 - enjoy.


> Mantovani Alberto

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