buffer overflow

Chad Netzer cnetzer at mail.arc.nasa.gov
Fri Jan 17 06:36:10 CET 2003

On Thursday 16 January 2003 20:47, Tim Peters wrote:

> [Martin v. Loewis]
> > Python does not support buffer overflows, sorry.

> [pmaney at pobox.com]
> > I'm sure they could be added by a C extension module.
> They already were, and, curiously enough, by the builtin
> bufferobject.c. That supplies the builtin, little understood, and
> easily abused buffer object.  For fun, run this:


> Chances are high it will die with a segfault before going around the
> loop 20 times,

My Debian Linux system seems to be missing this feature, in either 2.1 
or 2.2.

  <:-)> I thought python code was supposed to be portable. </:-)>

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