RH8.0, gfax, python

Kelv ah at well.ysee
Tue Jan 14 15:50:50 CET 2003

Wouter van Marle wrote:

> I am working on a replacement for gfax... squirrelfax
> you can find a preview on sourceforge (no more than that, just a preview).

Thanks for the info. Squirrelfax looks promising, though I don't think 
it will do what I want, which is to communicate with a Hylafax server 
elsewhere on my network. I will watch for updates though. Good luck.

Is there any other alternative to Gfax that would do the same thing? 
i.e. pretend to be a printer, and when activated by lpr it would spawn a 
dialogue to ask for the phone number, etc before sending to the Hylafax 
server. Basically, WHFC but for Linux :)


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