Best Python editor (under Linux)

Nick Vargish nav at
Fri Jan 3 21:24:26 CET 2003

"Dan L. Pierson" <dan at> writes:

> Other Emacs features that I find improve my productivity a lot:

Interactive incremental search! The fact that I don't have to move a
pointer into a search dialogue box is part of the reason I love it.
The other is that I can find what I need with the absolute minimum
number of characters, since it gives you instant visual feedback.

Interactive incremental regular expression search is even cooler,
though sometimes a little brainbending.


p.s. I keep waiting for someone to ask, "What's the best editor to use
     with Brainf*ck?"

#include<stdio.h> /* SigMask 0.3 (sig.c) 19990429 PUBLIC DOMAIN "Compile Me" */
int main(c,v)char *v;{return !c?putchar(*v-1)&&main(0,v+ /* Tweaks welcomed. */
1):main(0,"Ojdl!Wbshjti!=obwAqbusjpu/ofu?\v\1");}  /* build: cc -o sig sig.c */

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