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> >>>>> "CS" == Chris Spencer <clspence at> writes:
>     CS> Spammers should be very afraid of this library.
> No, IMHO spammers *profit* from such highly personalized solutions.
> Please note that the primary goal of most spammers is not to annoy you,
> that's only side effect.  They'll be happy if *you* can filter all the
> spam out and stop complaining about it.  Until 99% of all e-mails is
> spam, your CPU and network connection get overloaded and you get annoyed
> by spam again, of course.
> Milan Zamazal
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> Todays marketing hype top-list report:

>From my experience, it'll only take about another two years to reach the
situation where 99% of all email *is* spam. Don't apologize for these
people, they are abusing an open communication system for their own ends.

and-only-i-should-be-allowed-to-do-that-ly y'rs  - steve
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