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Tue Jan 7 18:05:16 CET 2003

Thanks for the links and suggestions,  they look like they will be very 

Lester Herran-Venables

David M. Cook wrote:
> In article <Mf6S9.108144$k13.4219684 at news0.telusplanet.net>, Lester wrote:
>>Now I would like to port it over to something free and cross platform. 
>>I would like to recreate the app and GPL it.  Python + MySQL looks good 
>>because I can read and understand the code examples in the book -- Perl 
>>gives me a headache.  BoaConstructor looks good.  Any thoughts on this 
>>would be appreciated.
> Also, see
> http://mdbtools.sourceforge.net/
> for tools for exporting access data.
> Dave Cook

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