Python newbie looking into communications...

Sam Marrocco samSPAMMENOT at
Sun Jan 26 03:31:00 CET 2003

I'm looking into writing a small application that can run on multiple 
platforms (linux, windows, irix) that needs simple communications with a 
Visual Basic.Net application. I'm writing both apps, and the main app 
*must* be

I'd like the little Python apps that run on several machines to be able 
to communicate back and forth with the main app using (possibly) 
udp communications. I don't want the extra headaches involved in 
maintaining open connections (TCP)...something along the lines of:


Since I'm a newbie to Python, any tips/directions I should look into? 
I'm still exploring language possibilities, and Python's interests me 
the most so far....portability is important.

Any help greatly appreciated!
Sam J. Marrocco
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