Hacking Heaven - Leo+XEmacs Integrated

Andrea Galimberti andrea_galimberti at tin.it
Wed Jan 29 09:12:54 CET 2003

Aum wrote:
> But some have complained of Leo's relatively slow performance and modest 
> editing features, especially compared with the 2 'official' hacker editors, 
> vim and emacs, which has slowed its uptake somewhat. Uptake has also been 
> slowed IMO by conceptual inertia, with people reluctant to step into a 
> radically new paradigm, after years in the vim/emacs 'religions'.

Leo is really a cool editor, but it lacks all the vim key bindings 
(sorry, I'm part of the 'vim religion'). Is there a way to do with vim 
the same thing you did with xemacs?
Maybe you can give me some hints about your code and I'll try to hack 
the Leo code to link it to vim.

\bye, Andrea

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