Interleaved commands and options with optparse?

David Goodger goodger at
Thu Jan 23 15:17:32 CET 2003

Magnus Lie Hetland wrote:
> In article <slrnb2upbe.d9h.mlh at>, Magnus Lie Hetland wrote:
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>> Indeed. Quite useful. This really ought to be in the docs.

Doc patches would be welcome I'm sure (see below).

> And while I'm at it -- it ought to be an argument to the constructor,
> just like, for example, parser.usage (and most of the other
> attributes, it seems).
> Anyone think that submitting a patch for this would be a bad idea?

Not at all -- potentially quite a good idea.  Best to discuss it on the
optik-users at list, and patches to the
project.  The Python stdlib "optparse" module is directly and automatically
derived from the Optik code.

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