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Mon Jan 27 01:31:29 CET 2003

Perhaps a stupid answer !
Even if it's for unix purpose I code on a PC and use Ultraedit. I test on PC
easily using the standard DOS compiler as a tool in the editor. When I
approche the solution and when the Unix and Pc worlds make the difference I
use the FTP command to directly edit my unix sys based files on PC. I've
been a unix vi addicts ten years ago then go to PC platforms and search for
vi port still addict. But now most of my work is done on PC (here unix fans
put shame on me!) and I'm an UE addict, this tools is perfect !


"Norm" <norm at> a écrit dans le message de news:
3e32a1a6_4 at
> I'm really just getting started in Python with the goal of improving my
> Linux networking administration.
> I'm learning / practicing with IDLE Python GUI.
> Q.  What does the real Python community use for creating Python programs?
> Thanks
> norm
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