Copyright on the Python and Python-console icons?

Cliff Wells LogiplexSoftware at
Thu Jan 16 22:30:48 CET 2003

On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 13:58, Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
> Gee, one little misunderstanding with the PSU ops and suddenly Cliff's 
> sicking the whole PSF legal establishment on me :) .

It's in everyone's best interest that you be sued.  It'll be far easier
if you can just accept that without a lot of useless complaining.

> Honestly, Cliff, I didn't _know_ they'd find those Perl scripts!  I was 
> just worried about you skulking about with SQL and thought they'd send a 
> counsellor or something, I didn't know they'd raid the place!

They found 10 pounds of C code hidden under your mattress.  Turns out
later it was just the "Hello, world" example for MFC, so no charges will
be filed *this time*.

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