python + wxPython

Kevin Altis altis at
Tue Jan 21 05:15:10 CET 2003

You don't want to uninstall Python. wxPython is a package and it will get
installed in the Python site-packages directory. The only thing you need to
make sure of is that your version of Python and wxPython match, so if you
are using Python 2.2, you want the wxPython for Py22.


"Victor" <victor at> wrote in message
news:mailman.1043118157.17497.python-list at
> I have intalled the regular python distribution for windows, but I want
> to try out pyCrust, and it comes with wxPython, do I have to uninstall
> python and then install wxpython? If I install wxpython over the regular
> python will there be problems?
> - Vic

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