mention of books & extensions welcome, or...? (was Re: Scripting *of* Python)

holger krekel pyth at
Fri Jan 31 19:13:12 CET 2003

Alex Martelli wrote:
> <posted & mailed>
> I was slightly surprised to read the following...:
> Nick Vargish wrote:
> > Alex Martelli <aleax at> writes:
> > 
> >> (Which is why I managed to put in a LITTLE coverage of Twisted,
> >> just twisted.internet actually, in "Python in a Nutshell" --
> >> which I should be busy proofreading _right now_ rather than
> >> skimming -- it should be in bookstores in March...)
> > 
> > This thread is just full of product placement.
> > 
> > *grumble*
> Is this just an isolated opinion, with most readers still
> welcoming mentions and details about Python books and
> extension packages; or, has comp.lang.python's consensus
> shifted so drastically, so fast, so that such mentions are
> now seen as undesirable "product placement"???

I can understand Nick's reaction.  But I am also sure that 
most people like to hear details about your and other 
efforts.  Probably it is amount and context of the 'placements' 
which make a difference.  I usually dislike those placements if
they are repeated often (signatures are quite ok, though). 

Anyway, I'd have prefered if you reacted to Nick instead
of pushing the case to all of "comp.lang.python" for judgement.


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