Best Python Editor (under Linux)

Dave Cole djc at
Sat Jan 4 07:09:55 CET 2003

>>>>> "faust" == faust  <urfaust at> writes:

faust>  Erik Max Francis <max at> , emitted these fragments:
>> It's also possible there are different metrics for "learning curve"
>> being used here.  If you were to insist that learning curve apply
>> to _all_ of emacs' features, then yes, obviously it has a massive
>> learning curve simply because there are so many.

faust> Good point.

faust> I use emacs as my only editor.  I use emacs eshell as my only
faust> commandshell ( when in XP or NT ) I use emacs calc as my sole
faust> calculator I use emacs calendar as my sole calendar.

faust> However, I am not familiar enough with gnus to use it as my
faust> sole email and news reader.

faust> Some day, when I have learned enough about gnus, I hope to do
faust> so....

Gnus is a pain in the freckle to set up, but once you have it going it
can't be beat.  Assuming of course you are already an Emacs user.  If
you do give Gnus another go, make sure you try using bbdb (big brother
database) with it.

- Dave


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