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> On Tue, 2003-01-21 at 06:16, Arthur wrote:
> > |"Arthur" <ajs at i...> wrote previously:
> > ||>BTW, you still haven't mentioned the package. Tell me THE
||PACKAGE!!! ;)
> >
> > ||I am *never* discrete.
> > ||But at my age, an opportunity for a new experience is rare.
> >
> > To which the good doctor adds,
> >
> > |s/discrete/obnoxious/
> > |s/rare/elsewhere/
> >
> > The beauty of this is that I don't know what it means.
> >
> > I suspect I might.
> >
> > The fact that it is composed as a message from the initiated
> > to the intitiated - says enough.
> >
> > My alienation from the community would decrease if it
> > credited itself less for being something other than that.
> Art,
> I'm going to pipe up here and say that, despite all the disagreeing and
> having been attacked on several fronts (I'm disregarding for the moment,
> who is right or wrong about the issue in dispute), you've handled
> yourself very well, and if others can't respect you for *that*, despite
> disagreeing with your POV, then that reflects badly on them, not you.
> Have a nice day,

And  *I'm* going to pipe up to educate Art on the true meaning of the
addition by "the good doctor" (when used as a sed script). Art: s/x/y/ means
"replace x with y". So the edit would turn what you wrote into:

I am *never* obnoxious
But at my age, an opportunity for a new experience is elsewhere

Whether this actually means anything, and whether it's what was intended,
only someone else can say.

As far as the "somebody's crummy almost-null distribution craps on the
Python docs" issue, make them eat it! Good on yer, mate.

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