Newbie need's help & will give back what I can???

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Mon Jan 6 03:05:08 CET 2003

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> Hay this Shane.....
>     Ive been a computer geek my whole life and know alot about them....I
> a hard time in my life growing up and money problems...I have learnd all I
> know up till now and need some help with programming...This is my problem,
> cant memorize all the diffrent terms that are used or the format which the
> language Python is in....Thats ok I will get with time,,I need some very
> easy projects to start with is all....Just till I get used to all
> yes this is my first time programming to...But im a quick learner and am
> scared to jump into this...I jumped into redhat linux 7.2 and had no
> running it...Just was a new OS and had to get used to it...Send what you
> to help me in anyway at redlinux293 at I will be so happy to see
> somthing...This is my dream to program...I cant afford schooling and I
> belive in freeware because I wouldent be whare im at with out it....Thank
> you for reading this....I do need help to anything that will point me in
> right direction of programming....


Start here  Work all of the
examples on your computer while you read.  Then start small, write a
function that sorts a list, one that prints the current time in English.
Ask again if you run into any hurdles.


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