Idle for Emacs users

Mike Clarkson support at
Thu Jan 2 00:04:45 CET 2003

I've added something to IDEStudio so that you can use Idle
with Emacs via gnuclient. It's a little rustic, but it's nice to
be able to use Idle as a GUI class inspector and debugger
along with Emacs.

Download IDEStudio from
Binaries are available for Linux and Windows.  From the readme:

IDEStudio can be used with an Alternate Editor, so that you can use
    your favourite editor, with Idle providing the Shell, Debugger and
    Inspector. Under Unix or Windows: 
    1.set the environment variable VISUAL or EDITOR to the name of
        editor, and make sure that it can be found on your PATH. 
     2.Under Options/Alternate Editor, select Use Alternate to Edit
     3.It knows about Emacs and emacsclient or gnuclient. Under
        Tools/Emacs Alternate Editor, select Use gnuclient to Edit

Happy New Year,


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