Python use growing or shrinking

Tony Clarke a.clarke11 at
Fri Jan 24 01:12:05 CET 2003

Max M <maxm at> wrote in message news:<_qOX9.42965$Hl6.5134840 at>...
> Greg Brunet wrote:
> > There's only a general discussion of their methodology, and I'm not
> > arguing that one should choose a language solely because of it's
> > popularity or rate of increase/decrease (and what's up with RPG having
> > the second fastest growth rate!?!).  Still, it's it provides another
> > viewpoint on 'the language wars'.
> There is no doubt in my mind that Python use is growing! I use it for 
> more and more tasks.
> ;-)
Python is not a programming language, its a 
pocket tool
way of life
fun machine
mind expander
Corporate promotion? Market share? Its not in the same ball park, and
hurray for that!
Tony Clarke

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