[ann] Minimal Python project

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Tue Jan 14 02:45:15 CET 2003

yaipa h. wrote:
> While I am gripped in fear at the thought of Python spinning into a
> series of downward spiraling dialects...
> The adventurer in me says, "Give'em hell boys... Damn the
> torpedoes..."

Well, a new implementation is not a new dialect. This is probably going to 
be no more different from C Python than Jython is. Both interpret Python 
code, which is pretty much what I require.  Of course, it will affect 
Python + C packages, in that they won't be portable to it in general.

Of course if they were to acheive their performance goals, it might become 
the main implementation.

Me, I'm just going to keep writing Python apps, and hope they're portable.  
Rewriting compilers is out of my league.  Brave Python rewriters, I salute 
you. ;-)


Anansi Spaceworks

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