Best Python editor (under Linux)

Steve Lamb grey at
Fri Jan 3 07:39:55 CET 2003

On 02 Jan 2003 22:08:36 -0600, Mike Meyer <mwm at> wrote:
> No, it's clearly the former. You're just confused about what a program
> is. 

    No, I am not confused about what a program is.  However, I do not consider
overzealous scripts written for an editor to be programs in their own right.

> The python-mode for emacs is a python editor. Insisting that it isn't
> a valid answer to the request for a python editor because it requires
> an emacs runtime environment makes no more sense than discounting IDLE
> because it requires a Python runtime envirnoment.

    Oddly enough I don't consider IDLE an editor either.  Point stands, Emacs
is the very antithesis of the proper way to do things.  It is a monolithic,
bloated, musch-cram-every-feature-into-it piece of software.  26Mb for a
"editor" is not what I consider reasonable or keeping in the tradition of
small specialized programs that do one task well.

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