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Thu Jan 2 22:59:49 CET 2003

"Stefano" <risolar at libero.it> wrote in message
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> Hi all,
> i've a question for you (i'm just a newbie in Python programming):
> At this time wxPython implements wxWindows database classes (wxDb and the
> others...).
> Have you got an example for me?
> Thanks all.

No. The general rule is that if the Python standard libs or an established
third-party package or module provides the functionality, then that class in
wxWindows is not wrapped in wxPython because the Python implementation is
almost certainly better. Thus, the various database packages available for
Python are what you should be using instead.


If you're on Windows you could probably also use a DB-aware COM control and
let it handle all the work. The wxPython-users mailing list is probably a
better place for wxPython questions that c.l.py



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