UML and Python

Terry Hancock hancock at
Sun Jan 19 23:31:10 CET 2003

Does UML work for Python? In particular, given some of the Zope extensions 
to Python:

Pluggable Brains

How do you represent them?  And is it useful to you to do so?

I'm not working in a large or small group environment, but alone. So I'm 
mostly interested in its ability to clarify my own code to myself for 
architectural improvement. On the other hand, I do have to communicate with 
others about the design for future use, and I hope to attract other 
developers to the project by being well-designed and well-documented.  And, 
for non-developers, there's also some documentation into the general design 
and capabilities of the software, which might benefit from parts of UML 
(especially interaction, deployment, and use-cases).

Would I be wasting my time to use UML?  And if I do use it, should I 
concentrate on being rigorously correct or just use quick, simplified 

I'm using "dia" to do this. I created some reverse-engineered drawings 
using happydoc, but I'm actually moving towards just doing new design from 
scratch, because the automatically generated drawing is kind of a pain to 
work with.

I did find this opinion, BTW:
and this collection of UML documents:

Thanks for any opinions or shared experiences,

Anansi Spaceworks

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