Creating RPM fails on Python 2.2 Release 1 and RPM version 3.0.6

Devrim Erdem devrim at
Tue Jan 21 13:43:17 CET 2003


I have downloaded Python 2.2.2 and compiled. It works ok and I can run
my previously running scripts.

I have tried to build RPMS with the command : 

./python bdist_rp

however, I get the following error :

line 6: Tag takes single token only: Name: Python standard library

The complete log is as follows :

muh|devrim>25: ./python bdist_rpm
running bdist_rpm
writing 'build/bdist.linux-i686/rpm/SPECS/Python standard
running sdist
warning: sdist: missing required meta-data: url
warning: sdist: missing meta-data: either (author and author_email) or
(maintainer and maintainer_email) must be supplied
reading manifest file 'MANIFEST'
creating Python standard library-2.2
making hard links in Python standard library-2.2...
hard linking README -> Python standard library-2.2
hard linking -> Python standard library-2.2
warning: sdist: 'structmodule.c' not a regular file -- skipping
tar -cf dist/Python standard library-2.2.tar Python standard
gzip -f9 dist/Python standard library-2.2.tar
removing 'Python standard library-2.2' (and everything under it)
copying dist/Python standard library-2.2.tar.gz ->
building RPMs
rpm -ba --define _topdir
--clean build/bdist.linux-i686/rpm/SPECS/Python standard library.spec
line 6: Tag takes single token only: Name: Python standard library
error: command 'rpm' failed with exit status 1


Any hints are appreciated. Thanks.

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