Arthur ajs at
Mon Jan 20 14:33:29 CET 2003

Terry wrties -

>Yes, I certainly find that impertinent. Impertinent, oppressive,
>controlling, litigious, and totally and completely opposed to Freedom. And
>I guess in my book, that's pretty nearly a description of Perfect Evil.
>Those are my values, and I don't plan on changing them to accomodate you.

Perfect Evil.

That's even better than just being wrong.

I'm truly agog.

Viruses tend also to be free.

Yes, I'm being hyperbolic.  But its only a matter of degree, as far as I'm

The license thing was an exploration.  If unreasonable, I, for one, am
willing to meet unreason with unreason.  The distributor could choose to
avoid this entire issue with two minutes of effort, and has refused.

This is also an issue of community, in my mind.

If there is some general community agreement about how 3rd party Python
modules should install and behave - and I believe there is - shouldn't there
be some community support for an effort to discourage blatant, unnnecessary
and unreasonable violation of those standards.

Rather than an effort to condemn someone who objects to it.

As Perfect Evil.



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