Novel Thoughts on Scripting and Languages

James Huang judoscript at
Mon Jan 13 07:24:50 CET 2003

"James Kew" <james.kew at> wrote in message news:<avndpg$g2sde$1 at>...
> James Huang wrote:
> > JudoScript is intended to be
> > "scripting and shell for Java", and the assumption is Java will have
> > software for most, if not *all*, of our needs.
> It's probably this assumption which is causing you to have a rough ride
> here.

I guess that's a part of it.

JudoScript is all about *using* Java; it is not about programming or
even "scripting" as programmers normally think. So it is
understandable that programmers may have missed this different
paradigm initially but hopefully some eventually get it.

> It's reasonable to assume that many posters here consider that Python meets
> their needs better than Java. In particular, Python scratches both
> "scripting" and "programming" itches with a single, consistent, clear, and
> pleasing syntax.
> You now want to herd these contented developers into *two* languages to
> solve their problems: Java plus JudoScript. The first may well be a language
> they've already considered and rejected; the second is unknown and new. I'm
> not surprised you're experiencing some resistance.

I don't blame you guys thinking I was trying to convert. No that's
never my intension.

The misconception I had was that at least a portion of people in this
community are "amphibious" -- Python and Java; if not, then Jython
would be a strange phenomenon. Apparently this is a miserable
assumption, because Java seems to be beyond just being rejected here.

> To be brutally honest, too, were I considering a shift from Python, I'd be
> wary of committing heavily to a language which at the moment seems to be a
> one-man-band effort.

Everything has its due time. Nevertheless, I appreciate your complete

Thank you and nice talking to you,

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