beating a dead horse: automated form submission

Skip Montanaro skip at
Mon Jan 27 15:39:33 CET 2003

    >> Not sure what else might be going wrong... why not try the example
    >> from the documentation on httplib?

    Whit> I tried to run that example and get an Attribute
    Whit> error:HTTPConnection.  It's a sad affair when I can't even get the
    Whit> 10-line examples from the standard python libraries to work.  Any
    Whit> tips there?

What version of Python are you using?  HTTPConnection is relatively new
(Python 2.0 or 2.1 I believe).  In 1.5.2, the only connection class was HTTP
(retained in current versions only for backward compatibility, hence no
longer documented).  You *may* be able to get away with simply replacing

    h = httplib.HTTPConnection(...)


    h = httplib.HTTP(...)

for simple usage.


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