XSL-FO? Python FOP?

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Thu Jan 23 04:18:05 CET 2003

Mongryong wrote:
> Is there a XSL-FO library for Python yet (ie. like  Apache's FOP for
> Java)?

There is definitely nothing anywhere near as advanced as FOP,
as I've been looking for it.  

There *might* be some early projects with similar goals, or
which attempt to do anything at all with XSL-FO, but I haven't
found a trace of those either.

Interesting note: according to the "I'm Feeling Lucky" page 
(PDF format) from a Google search with "python fop", FOP was 
first attempted in Perl, then prototyped in Python, by James Tauber 
based on Paul Prescod's recommendation, sometime in late 1998,
before the prototype was abandoned and it was redone in Java.

FOPs not an entirely bad product right now.  Can you just use it?

On the Python front, I suspect with a combination of ReportLab,
PIL, and some early-stage Python SVG processor I recall seeing (was
that part of ReportLab?  don't remember), one could get pretty
close with relatively little effort.  It would be an impressive
demonstration of Python's power, most likely, but for sure it's
more than a little work.


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