Hacking Heaven - Leo+XEmacs Integrated

Aum spam-me at no-thanks.com
Tue Jan 28 09:18:25 CET 2003

Some months ago, the 'metastructural' editor 'Leo' (http://leo.sf.net) got 
covered on Slashdot. Seeing the power it offered to boost my productivity 
with code editing, I immediately downloaded it.

But some have complained of Leo's relatively slow performance and modest 
editing features, especially compared with the 2 'official' hacker editors, 
vim and emacs, which has slowed its uptake somewhat. Uptake has also been 
slowed IMO by conceptual inertia, with people reluctant to step into a 
radically new paradigm, after years in the vim/emacs 'religions'.

But after some playing around, I've ended up with a pretty heavenly combo - 
Leo on the left and XEmacs on the right, seamlessly integrated.

The setup is based on latest Leo CVS, plus a couple of hacks I've put in.

1. Install Leo from CVS - instructions on the Leo website (above)
2. Replace LeoPy.leo with my hacked copy:
3. Set up your xemacs so it launches gnuserv on startup
4. Open a leo window on the left of the screen - slide the divider all the
   way right so no code pane is visible, then resize the window to thin and  
5. Open Xemacs on the right.

>From now on, when you click on (or navigate to) a node in Leo, that node 
will be opened in XEmacs. When you save the node in XEmacs, Leo will 
automatically save as well.

Nearly all the hard work for this was done by Leo's ever patient author, Ed 
Ream, especially his labours with adding the 'open with' features.

Try out this combo - you might just love it.


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