Arthur ajs at
Tue Jan 21 14:34:42 CET 2003

>BTW, the package is apparently VPython, based on the conversation on
>edu-sig. It seems to me that making an advisory along with the patch >would
be a much more appropriate behavior.

Yes, as I said on edu-sig, I understand that is my only reasonable option.
But its a bigger job than the 4 key strokes, in my hands.  Because in my
hands I will attempt to make it fully comply with sound practice for the
distribution of a Python 3rd party module.  The overwrite problem issue I
focus on is the one that makes the contribution unlivable.  There are a many
other issues that make it a bad non-compliant distribution.

A community of people working reasonably cooperatively in an effort toward
exploring the potential of Python in education was one of the things I
thought and hoped CP4E would be about.

But as I say repeated on edu-sig, I have come to understand myself to be in
fact a fish quite out of water in this world of free software and whatever
it is the "community" in the Python community represents.

Expressing the wish, out loud, that someone else who is taking advantage of
the community's productivity might act a bit more reasonably and less
selfishly as a community member is seen by (at least some) of the community
as an assault on the community.  That wish and hope is an assault?

Its too complex for my simple mind.

My continuing alienation from the community, frankly, is one of the things
that makes me resent having to take on the project of bringing the VPython
project into compliance with what are, I think, very reasonable community
expectations as to how a 3rd party module should install and behave.

Super ironic, too me, that the reaction should be "shut up,and  kill a few
more weekends for the good of the cause".

Of course, the other solution is to overwrite his help file with my help
file.  That would indeed be 4 keystrokes.  And than I could be the guy
sitting on ten thousand lines of code, driving my toy.

Unfortunately, thats not who I am.

And please.

What advisory do you have in mind.


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