Charl P. Botha cpbotha at
Sun Jan 26 14:39:29 CET 2003

In article < at localhost.localdomain>, David M. Cook wrote:
> I started out with pico but eventually outgrew it and moved to JED for
> routine editing tasks.  JED is lightweight and has a pretty good Python
> mode, though its syntax coloring algorithm gets confused by a single quote
> inside triple quotes.  Also, if you use it in a gnome-terminal on a recent
> Linux distro with GNOME 2 you get anti-aliasing for free.  Fonts look really
> nice.  

FYI JED 0.99.16 onwards includes my xft anti-aliasing patches, so XJED can do
anti-aliasing all by itself without the help of any desktop environment.
See the included "xrenderfont.txt" documentation file.

> However, I use XEmacs for Python hacking because of the excellent Python
> mode, version control support, recent files menu, etc.  I just wish it
> supported XFS (and thus anti-aliasing).

I looked into emacs code a while back to see if I could hack XFT support
into that as well, but it's a totally different kettle of fish.  It's
probably due to its overall complexity, but the font rendering code is all
over the place.

charl p. botha

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