Advice Needed re: MS-DOS/Win 98 as Python environment

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Jan 25 04:21:48 CET 2003

Frederick Bartlett wrote:
> Then set your PYTHONPATH to point to any necessary directories; e.g.,
>    set PYTHONPATH=C:\python22\lib\site-packages\DCOracle2
> (which I need to access Oracle db's)

This should be unnecessary.  Python will automatically add all
subfolders in site-packages to sys.path, or should anyway.

Try removing that, then from the interactive prompt do a

  import sys

to see all the stuff that is set up automatically.

If that's *not* working, try just setting PYTHONHOME to point
to the c:\python22 folder and try it again.  *That* should work.


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