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> Hi all!
> It happened so that a friend of mine is starting his own business:
> communications company providing, among others, web-hosting.
> Of course, I asked him to keep python and allow its use along with perl.
> I have the two questions to this community:
> 1. What you think is needed for a comfortable use of python as a
> web-development tool? My suggestions were:

Mine would be, istd. of mod_python:
    * ZOPE (because of pcgi_wrapper and DocumentTemplates)

Very efficient computing environment, I'ld say.

And maybe you could give users a 'headstart' by creating sort of a 'contains
all' directory hierarchy. With contains all, I mean a python source file +
document template file(s) that use the most common constructs (reading a
form, connecting to DB, sessions, looping through arrays with dtml-in, the
CGI parameters file, etc.) in the environment.

Happy to help you(r friend) set it up, if you want :-)


Thijs Cobben

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