Copyright on the Python and Python-console icons?

Erik Max Francis max at
Thu Jan 16 03:30:43 CET 2003

Tim Peters wrote:

> I use the word "afraid" but don't believe I've emphasized it.

I disagree.

>     It's not worth the extremely negative potential payoff should
>     things turn ugly.
> doesn't sound like encouragement <wink>, and "afraid" comes from the
> "F" in
> FUD.

Am I going to have to invoke the Descartes argument?  You have two
possibile scenarios.  In both, he uses the copyrighted material; in the
first, he secures permission before doing so, and in the second, he
doesn't bother.

In the first case, he's fine, because he has permission.  In the second,
there is always the possibility that the copyright holder (which may
change its disposition, or change holders entirely) will get upset with
what he's doing and bring suit.  If this were to happen, it would have
extremely negative payoff, whether or not you estimate it as having very
low probability.  The first situation has a non-negative expected value,
the second situation has a negative expected value.

You figure the rest out.

> No, you do more than just that:  you've counseled Mike repeatedly to
>     get rock solid assurance (a written and signed waiver on physical
>     paper), or don't bother
> and repeat that again in different words next.

Yes, because that is standard advice that is given the world around when
people are considering the use of copyrighted works.  Whether this has
to do with Python or the PSF or Joe Shmoe in Podunk, Idaho doesn't
change that.

> Nope, I'm trying to assure Mike that the risks are-- contrary to the
> FUD --so minimal as to be laughable.

You do realize that blindly shouting "FUD!" is, itself, FUD, don't you?

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