Detect when a class member is updated

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Wed Jan 15 22:49:48 CET 2003

Properties are, IMO, the great unsung feature of 2.2.x that should have 
_everyone_ move to it (the feature that everyone sings about, the 
type-class unification, is undeniably wonderful too, but everyone 
already sings about that).  Subclassed properties give you amazing power 
in automating data-driven Python applications.  They can:

    * interact with watchers, (update databases or GUIs on set/del, for
    * check data-types,
    * perform automatic value coercian (ingoing and outgoing),
    * linearise their own definitions (i.e. they can write themselves
      out to disk and be reloaded later to facilitate run-time-composed
      data-types (classes)),
    * provide attribute documentation (and other attributes/properties)
      to automate presentation,
    * automate object initialisers,
    * and provide default values/functions.

(Among other uses).

Hey, how did I get up on this box?

Boethius wrote:

>Gerhard Häring <gerhard.haering at> wrote in message news:<slrnb2at1n.1hk.gerhard.haering at>...
>>Note that properties only work with new-style classes (inherited from
>>object). See for details.
>Thanks, this properties thing was totally unknown to me.
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