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Tue Jan 21 14:05:12 CET 2003

[Michael Hudson]

> Brian Elmegaard <brian at> writes:

> > pinard at (François Pinard) writes:
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> > > For one, I like the `SES' (Simple Emacs Spreadsheet), it's more
> > > affordable than the usual monsters :-).
> > 
> > Wow, the one thing I believed didn't exist for emacs. (Of course, I am
> > quite naïve.) 

> Heh?  I didn't *know* there was a spreadsheet for emacs, but I was
> downright *certain* there would be one out there somewhere...

I wanted a Python-able spreadsheet.  Gnumeric was presented as one of them,
but it is just too big for me, besides a good weight of attracting and
useful chrome.  It comes with its own, rather full language.  I would prefer
sticking with Python, as far as learning languages goes.

Having a spreadsheet integrated in my own usual editor, Emacs, was also
tempting.  As I wrote before, Pymacs provides me with the Pythonish link I
want to have handy if I ever need complex or flexible functions for
computing cells.  So, all considered, I went the Emacs way.  On the Emacs
spreadsheet side, before SES, I gave Dismal a try, but found it bigger than
what I need, it also had stability problems.  Table is useful for entering
tabular data, but is not designed as a spreadsheet, and lacks functionality
as such.  I am fairly satisfied with SES, and I may stretch SES for a while
before I feel its limits, which I guess might be a loss of speed when
handling very long spreadsheets.

Let me append a few (maybe oldish) random references and notes below. :-)

* Notes sur les chiffriers

.. Emacs

. : SES
    Jonathan Yavner <jyavner at>

    Dans `ses.el' remplacer un espace par quatre dans:
    ;;Leave room for the left-side fringe
    (push " " result))

. : Table
    <Takaaki.Ota at>

    table.el version 1.5.48, 2001-08-19

. : Esheet
    dspeyere at

    Liens brisés, auteur hors circuit.

. : Dismal

    Compliqué, un peu académique.
    Rafraîchissement élémentaire souvent défectueux.

    install -d $dismal
    install -m 644 *.elc log.el make-km-aliases.el $dismal

.. Spreadsheet
   Andrew Kuchling <akuchlin at>

   Classe Python et interface curses.  Problème autour de `rexec'?

.. Gnumeric
   Miguel de Icaza

   Foison de fonctions spécialisées, probablement pour ressembler à Excell.
   Interface Python expérimental et non-documenté.

François Pinard

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