file locking on nfs? expiring old mail messages?

Michael Hudson mwh at
Fri Jan 24 19:06:43 CET 2003

strombrg at (Dan Stromberg) writes:

> Does anyone have a python module that does procmail-style file locking
> in NFS volumes?

No, sorry.

> I'm working on a program to delete old messages from an mbox-formatted
> mailbox, and could use proper locking.  BTW, anybody already done this
> - expiring old mail, either in an mbox file, or over imap?



  BUGS   Never use this function.  This function modifies its first
         argument.   The  identity  of  the delimiting character is
         lost.  This function cannot be used on constant strings.
                                    -- the glibc manpage for strtok(3)

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