Slurping Web Pages

Tony Dunn tdunn at
Sun Jan 26 13:27:17 CET 2003

Thanks for all the responses!

I've gone the COM route for the first phase of this project, but it will
investigate the *urllib* option for the long term.

The *basic* code I ended up with is:

import win32com.client

# This is the main loop   -
# Issues: (1) Only runs in PythonWin
#            (2) Fails if ASCII code > 128 are present in the string

f_out = open("G:\\temp\Projects\slurpHtml\slurp.txt", "w")

html = x.Document.documentElement.innerHtml


There are a few wrinkles I need to work out, but at least I know now I'm
headed in the right direction...


"Tony Dunn" <tdunn at> wrote in message
news:J3BY9.2087$Ec.128 at
> I've started a new project where I need to slurp web pages from a site
> use cookies to authenticate access.  I've used *urllib* in the past to
> *public* web pages, but I'm not sure the best way to go about dealing with
> the cookie issue.
> I found some code to drive IE via COM, but I can't find a method to save
> current web page to a file so I can *slurp* it later.  I've wandered
> the file generated by for the *Internet Control* COM object, but
> don't see what I'm looking for.  I know I can grab the files from the
> *Internet* cache, but I'd like the option to specify a file location and
> file name for each page downloaded.
> Has anyone done this with IE?
> -Tony

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