PSP, XP, TDD and other methodologies for solitary programmers

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Jan 3 15:18:41 CET 2003

Changjune Kim wrote:
> As others have recommended, you don't want to test everything within a real
> db -- it's too expensive.
> If you are doing acceptance testing or something, consider using
> "golden/silver/bronze db method." Golden DB is the product db, and Silver
> DB is for the integration, and Bronze DB is for individual, uh pair,
> developers, which is on every development machine. Manage the three dbs
> separately.

This reminds me of a past thread or series of threads in either the
extremeprogramming or the testdrivendevelopment mailing lists on   Look them up, and you will gain many ideas of
how to approach database programming from the testing point of view.
Some of the folks there invented this stuff... and are happy to share
their ideas.


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