Displaying and Inputting Japanese

Miki Tebeka tebeka at cs.bgu.ac.il
Sun Jan 5 15:58:20 CET 2003

Hello Ari,
> I'm using Python 2.2 for Windows XP and the IDLE GUI. I'm trying to
> write a program to read and write Japanese characters. I am using the
> Windows IME. Whenever I try to type Japanese, the Japanese appears
> only as ? characters. I downloaded and installed the Japanese codecs,
> but I have no idea how to use them. What needs to be done? Any advice
> would be greatly appreciated.

Try adding:
font-name = <Japaneses-supporting-font>

to your ~/.idle

Since you might not have a ~ directory on XP you can do the no-no thingie and
change c:\python22\lib\tools\idle\config-win.txt directly.


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