license question

Arthur ajs at
Sun Jan 19 18:23:32 CET 2003

The scenario is as follows:

I am distributing code that is itself dependent on a Python 3rd party

The distribution of *that* module silently overwrites the index.html file in
the Doc directory of the standard Python distribution.  So that if one is to
do "Help", "Python Documentation..." from the standard IDLE, one gets the
top-level help file for the third party module, rather than the normal
Python toplevel help file.  If one unistalls that third party module, things
stay exactly the same, one gets the substituted toplevel help file, forever.

The overwrite, is without prompt.

I have contacted the person responsible for that distribution and let him
know I thought that the practice of his distribution was at the minimum,

He gave me some justification I could make no sense of.

Since my code is dependant on this distribution I have a "situation".

Would the practice of silently overwriting a  file that is part of the
standard Python distribution in any way constitute a violation of the Python

And, if so, who might have standing to press the issue.


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