How to do this in Python...

Carl Banks imbosol at
Tue Jan 28 04:55:38 CET 2003

Martin Maney wrote:
> Carl Banks <imbosol at> wrote:
>> (And, frankly, I'm rather annoyed that you've come to this
>> two-sample-point "conclusion" without examining the method I gave in
>> the very post you responded to.)
> I'm sorry you have been needlessly annoyed, Carl.  I have indeed seen,
> and considered, many more than two proposed solutions to this problem,
> but I was writing mostly for the OP's benefit, so I chose to discuss
> only the ones that I thought were interesting.  Since you seem to be
> asking, I would have to say that the fake loop approach you say you
> favor seems to me to be one of the ugliest proposals, exactly because
> it abuses a control structure that normally has well-known behavior.

I didn't have to guess that's what you would think.  I'd like to point
out that a similar "abuse" of control structure is commonly advocated
on this newsgroup, namely the while 1: idiom.

I suppose "for i in [1]:" isn't as transparent as "while 1:", but
idiom it's used for isn't as common.


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