OT: PSP, XP, TDD and other methodologies for solitary programmers

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Jan 2 21:12:19 CET 2003

    >> From this page:

    Brad> http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?SandglassProgramming

    Brad> I chose "Multi-timer" http://www.programming.de/cpp/timer.zip

    Brad> which has 10 timers that can count up/down.. its for windows.


    Brad> regarding watch .. no released files yet?  ;-)

Yeah, CVS only.  I never bothered to figure out how to do SF releases.  I
just wanted a public CVS repository.  I guess I could wrap a tarball and
toss it on the site.

    Brad> Interesting hook and xml-rpc mode, I do have multiple computers,
    Brad> but I use vnc from a dual-head windows box..

I just added the multiple computer mode in the past week or so (which added
a number of bugs or exposed some latent bugs).  It's now somewhat
unreliable, though it is kind of cool to notice the scale advancing on
computers which are receiving no direct input.

For those reading this interchange and not following the links, watch (or
rather typewatch) isn't a sandglass programming tool.  It's meant to keep
you from wearing out your wrists by typing and mousing too much at a
stretch.  Accordingly, if you are physically idle thinking about the problem
you're solving (or just reading the newspaper) typewatch will not "ding"
like a sandglass timer would.


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