GUI is it possible with mod_python ?

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> Hi!
> First of all, thank you for your answer.
> > Did you do any OpenGL based 3D graphics with PHP?
> No, it doesn't.
> > Do you think about generating 3D with VPython and present it on a WEB page?
> Yes I think,  but interact with the client. if that is realizable, would
> you have an example?
> Thanks indeed.
> best regards
> Gerard Breiner
> Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale
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> 91405 Orsay Campus
> France

You could try VRML, a markup langage for moving object around. It
requires plugin, but whatever.
But the best you could might be Alice:
and for the old version I know (with IE plugin, python stuff):

It's just what you want to do: 3D graphics with python logic. But,
still requires plugin.

Hope this help


Et bonne chance, bien sûr !

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