Please Recommend a C compiler for use with Python.

Andrew MacIntyre andymac at
Wed Jan 29 12:01:03 CET 2003

On 28 Jan 2003, Gerhard [iso-8859-1] Häring wrote:

> Andrew MacIntyre <andymac at> wrote:
> > I've successfully used MingW32 ( IIRC) to build
> > Python extensions [...]
> > It can take some fiddling to get a usable Python import library, but
> > google will find docco to help with that.
> That was never a problem for me. The method described in the Python
> documentation always worked just fine:

My experience was some time ago, and I don't recall that page being
found in my search - I did find Robert Kern's notes on using MingW
with 1.5.2 though, and was able to adapt his advice.

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