PyQT-application crash when shutting down

Ken Godee ken at
Wed Jan 22 16:35:50 CET 2003

> I am writing an animation application using PyQt at a Redhat 7.2 machine
> (RPM: PyQt-devel-3.1-2).
> The application seems to be working fine, but when I press the 'Quit'
> button (which sends a 'clicked' signal to the 'quit' slot of the main
> application), I get a "segmentation fault".
> Below is a stripped-down application that demonstrates the problem (at
> least at my machine):
> Albert
> -- 

I'm also on the PyQt list and I think you would get more help
posting this question on that list.
The only suggestion I have is that I would compile and install
the current PyQt/sip snapshot. There have been many changes
since 3.1, it's now at 3.5.

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