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> Hello everybody,
> I'm currently developing an automated spam complainer which is still in
> its infancy.
> The program parses the mail message and makes some checks trying to
> identify the origin of the message among the fake header lines.
> For diagnostic purposes I need to rewrite the subject field of the parsed
> message adding some characters.
> Is there a way (I'm using the email package) to do this with some python
> module?
> Thanks in advance

Please think very carefuloly before you let such technology loose on the
Internet. Will it really be helpful to start spamming the ISPs to get
something done about spam? Might it not be a more sensible approach to
filter out the spam you don't want to see using spambayes or similar

In my experience, the networks you want to do something about spam (i.e. the
ISPs tha host the spammers) are the ones that are least likely to action
your complaints, automated or not.

Just because we *can* do something doesn't always mean we *should* do it.

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